Decorate Your Living Space With Our Classy Timepieces

Choose From a Wide Range of Sophisticated Timepieces

There is no time like the present to reward yourself with a beautiful timepiece. Our stylish watches will keep you on track and fashionable day after day. Our experts can also perform quality repairs on your watch or clock.

If you cannot bring your piece to our shop, don't worry! We'll provide appointments to visit your home in order to repair your large clock. Our staff will even show you how to perform preventive maintenance. Visit David's Jewelers today.

Pick a Swanky Watch That'll Suit Your Personality

Whether you need a new watch or you want to get your timepiece repaired, we have you covered. Stop in today to take a look at our selection of branded watches like:
  • Citizen EcoDrive
  • Seiko
  • Pulsar
  • Swiss watches
Visit our shop to choose from a stylish collection of collegiate watches.

Benefits of Visiting Our Watch Store

  • Quality brands of watches
  • FREE estimates for all repairs
  • In-home services
  • A great selection of beautiful musical wall and grandfather clocks
Timepiece Repair

Get Professional Help for Your Timepiece Repair Needs

We understand the value of your timepieces. We'll take good care of them just like you have taken care of them over the years. You can trust that our staff will provide top-level repairs and get your timepiece working just as it did in the beginning.

Contact us today for a FREE estimate.
Get amazing gifts at $20. Visit us to check out our collection of classy timepieces.
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